It’s time for all the abundance to come together in the 3D. You have been on the higher dimensions, connected to your star roots all your life. You haven’t managed to manifest much in the 3D.
Things have manifested, a lot of things, but a lot of chaos and conflict manifested.
You probably manifested all kinds of darkness in your life and these kept you in the underworld for long. Players came to play games, you weren’t discerning enough, or just too trusting, you thought everyone could be trusted, but they took everything away from you.
Dark forces played a lot of games with you and your ancestors, you did not know who was real or who was fake.
Then, you learnt to trust your intuition, but this was also compromised and cloaked by those forces.
You then felt it in your gut what you should do, you took actions, it took years, decades to remove dark ones from your life, but you did.
Make sure you do not lose faith. You are on the right path.

Be discerning as to whom you trust, whom you bring into your life, whom you share your energy and secrets with. There are dark forces operating and they do show themselves as light. Beware!
They pass themselves as divine, as masters, healers, gurus, they are veiled, but you will know when you meet their energy! Use your gut feeling.
Through all of this, you’ve done a lot of work in the aethers, in the highest dimensions and root yourself firmly into the 3D.

If you’d like to clear these dark forces from your life, learn to clear karma, here is a step by step approach. Click the below link.

To ride the waves of emotions, clear traumas and have freedom from pain – click below.

Well done! It’s TIME!

Lightwarrior Kiran G

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