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Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Self!

It’s not funny, but it’s funny how the universe communicates with us. When I opened my blog, I thought I was going to write about balancing masculine and feminine. Then, I went away, did other things, cooked, cleaned, contemplated, had lunch, worked a bit more, then came back to writing this. Just before writing, I picked up my oracle book, which I wrote a while back, opened it up, just for fun and look what up!!!
Crazzyyyyy! Yep, the above message.
Balance of the feminine and masculine. Is that crazy or is that crazy?
Superduperfragilistic cray!

So, it says to enjoy the balance of the masculine and feminine. One thing about this book is that, it kicks azz, it tells you exactly what we need to know, exactly at the right time. And yes, I have sold a few, reviews have been phenomenal.
If you would like to check out the book, click here!
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Kiran G
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