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Hold Yourself To The Highest Standards You Have A Powerful Legacy!

You have to heal yourself and you have done the hard work. If those who are in your life or wants to come into your life don’t want to do the work and expect you to carry the weight of their healing, then, this is taking away from your own legacy.

Your ancestors want you to stop giving your power away to those who do not want to do the work, they instead expect you to do the work for them.
The healing has to come from both parties, not just one.

If it only comes from one side, then it is one side of the family who is doing all the work. The ancestors are saying that you have to walk away from toxic people, situations and cycles.
If you found yourself as the giver and others just took and built their castles, then this needs to stop.
If you keen attracted toxic and needy individuals, who are obsessed or addicted to you and your light. They want you to do the work, while they carry on being how they are, they carry on taking from you, they project their pain onto you so you heal it for them and take your light. Then, you aren’t learning your lesson. You keep on giving and others keep on taking.
Boundaries. Walk away from toxic people and situations. Have strong boundaries, withdraw yourself from the situation and do not allow anyone to take from you, whilst they remain unchanged and cannot be bothered to do the hard work.
Allocate them to their own work and back off, it’s not your job to heal them, it’s not your job to protect them from all their pain, it’s for them to heal themselves and meet you at your level, that’s if they want to be in your soul group.
Here is a course to help you clear karma with others.

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Much love

Kiran G Lightwarrior
Clear, fix, remove the old apps. Make space. Love is here!
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