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MOVE ON From Old, Wrinkly, Stale To New, Young and Beautiful!

Justice is being done!

Listen, you have been putting up with the old, wrinkly and stale s**te for too long. They have breadcrumbed you, made you an option, made fun of you, two-timed you, disrespected you, controlled your throughts, abused your good hearted self, you saw everything but could not move on.
You could not move on because, they did some bad stuff to keep you stuck with them. They used dark occult forces to trap you, they used telepathic manipulation, all kinds of tricks and magick to keep you in their prison.
If you couldn’t move on, know that they keep you bound through energetic binding. Beware! They control your thoughts through telepathy, they trap you through all kinds of dark magick. These are dark people, who dabble in dark magick to harm you.
If you’re a lightseed, an indigo, starseed, sun seed, you are super sensitive, you are highly sensitive person (HSP) and they know that. They have figured you out and they know you want nothing to do with them, they play all kinds of tricks and games to keep you stuck.
These could be false twin flames, who abuse and take, false lovers, energy vampires, abusers, enslavers of the soul, they are here to stop you from ascending, from meeting your real twin soul, soulmate or twin flame.
If you meet your real twin and unite, you will ascend the energy of this planet, these dark souls were attached to you, so you cannot reach your divine counterpart.
These people are cold, they have no light in their eyes, they are agressive, violent, they have a multiverse of darkness within them, they steal from you.
Your abundance is your spiritual energy, your spiritual energy is your currency, your energy, your life force, your money, your wealth, your beauty, your health, your unlimited life force, they steal all of these from you, they come as friends, as lovers, as divine counterparts, as a divine feminine or divine masculine, they have only aggression, violence and darkness within them. Watch out for these vampires, as an empath, starseed, sunseed, light one, indigo, you must shield, protect, ground yourself and clear yourself of these energies.
To know how to clear karma and remove these dark forces from you, here is a beginners’ course.
Move on to the new, new pastures, new love, your cleared karma, newness, new life that is appearing now for you.
If you’d like to know more about how to manage your emotions and remover from deep trauma, here is a course for you.

Reaching the finish line, beingness, peace and love x ✌🏽❤️🦄
  1. The Finish Line!
  2. What we do not repair, repeats!
  3. Create Greatness From Destructive Pain!
  4. Tribe we're ready! The leaders have risen!
  5. Remember your origin, star one!
  6. Breaking out of karmic hypnotic trances!
  7. Lightwarriors unite, lightworkers unite!
  8. Karmic Trance, Fantasy Bonds and binds!
  9. Transcending Fantasy Bonds!
  10. Love Is Divine, Ready For You!
Lightwarrior, Kiran G