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Starseeds, Indigos, SunSeeds, Light Ones – Watch Who’s Around You!

Listen, LightOnes beware! you should be aware of who is around you at all times. The more you ascend, the more dark forces will be attracted to you.

Shield yourself! Ground yourself! Protect yourself. If you’d like art filled with protection, I have a lot of lightcodes filled art, to protect all light ones, indigos, empaths, sun seeds, star ones here.
I met very dangerous people, the most dangerous ones indeed, passing themselves as light people. They pass themselves as “divine”, you will know their vibe when you meet them.
They are no divine, they have been implanted in your life to defeat you. They are here to steal everything you have. They are jealous, envious, dangerous and aggressive.
No matter what you do, will seem horrible to them. They will undermine you, steal your hard work, take credit for your light work. In my case, I taught both of these people, they learnt from me and used all my light teachings against me.
They will learn your secrets, do not give it away freely to them, do not give your secrets to them. You are always upgrading, with lightcodes, do not give these teachings out, they are secret for you and the collective light ones, but because they pass themselves as light, you will think they are light too. However, let me tell you this, you will have a feeling with them. Say, if you like something, they will hate it, if you teach something, they will try to take credit for it, they will teach it too. If you do something, they will mimic you, shapeshift into you, they will do exactly the same, till they pass themselves as YOU! They steal your essence, your identity, your energy, they cloak themselves and will always have something bad to say about you.
Nothing good happens in these people’s lives. They see how you thrive, how you always land on your feet and attract love, goodness and abundance. They don’t like that.
They send you telepathic messages of failure, they send bad thoughts, bad intentions, bad energies your way. They always are into dark occult forces and use these to abuse further.
Beware. I have courses, but most importantly, since these people stalk me, I cannot give our secrets of the scrolls. It comes in lightcodes, all my art has them, if you’d like to own a print, to help you upgrade and download lightcodes, you can purchase a print here. These lightcodes can only be received by LightOnes!
It’s also important to clear karma with these entities.

We are strictly energetic beings, very, very sensitive – trauma clearing is important. Here is a course.

Akashic Records, What is it and how do we clear it? Kiran G. Freedom From Pain.

How to o clear the akashic record…
  1. Akashic Records, What is it and how do we clear it?
  2. Becoming Trauma Informed
  3. Why do we need to clear karma?
  4. Your Feminine Voice is needed, Now!
  5. Rise and Shine Like The Ball of sun in the sky!
  6. Karma, layers, levels and dimensions.
  7. Is it possible to be free from pain?
  8. Which tree are you? The love tree or the pain tree?
  9. Does evil exist? Going again the grain of most spiritual people!
  10. I'm your greatest fan, I'm rooting for you, go slay some demons.

Here are some lightcodes filled art. Buy a print and have it at home, near you, so you can always remain upgraded and shielded. You will decode the message when you see it!

Kiran G, Lightwarrior