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Clearing Karma Through Forgiveness, Is It Possible?

Forgiveness! wherever you look someone is talking about forgiveness. Whilst in theory the notion seems very romantic, we all want to be forgiven and to forgive. The question always is: Is it always possible to forgive to be able to move on?

Forgiveness has its place in life, however in my opinion, forgiveness comes with a caveat, a great warning, forgiveness comes with justice or after justice has been done.
It is almost impossible to forgive someone without a sense of justice, having been done. Justice is a big part of forgiveness, it is also a process, it does not happen when we want it, it happens when it needs to happen.

For me personally, forgiveness was an option only when there was justice done, or a sense of justice taking place, i.e, the other party paying for their crimes.
The rage that comes with someone getting away with the attrocious crime, living their life seemingly unaffected, whilst yours has been destroyed, in itself does not allow forgiveness to take place. There has to be justice in some way, then forgiveness can take place.

Especially, if someone is still going around damaging other people and there has been no justice. Before forgiveness to take place, there are a lot of karma (actions, thoughts, intentions, deeds) that need to take place.

You may have to take a lot of actions, to see justice. for example, holding the culprit culpable, speaking out against the injustice, holding them responsible, taking actions to bring a case against them, or seeking divine justice, holding up boundaries, standing up to the monster, defeating the monster, getting over the fear, campaigning for justice, raising your voice, speaking up, speaking up, having very strong boundaries, only then justice will respond to your call.

Once your powers are restored, then forgiveness will take place. Forgiveness has a lot of layers and dimensions, it does not happen overnight, it takes a long time and many attempts to happen. Clearing Karma though forgiveness alone, is not, in my opinion and experience, possible. Forgiveness is possible once some kind of justice has been done. Comment below, if your findings are different, I would love to know your take on this!
I wish you well on your journey, starry ones!

Kiran G, Lightwarrior