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Know Your Power And Worth,You Have Great Purpose! Star One!

You don’t need others’ approval to validate you, you have a great mission on earth. You have great, great purpose on this earth.
Listen, you are not to bring just anyone in your life, only worthy ones.
In the past, you may have been burnt, just thinking that everyone was good or had your best interest at heart. You learnt the hard way, that some people are so horrible and destructive, that they carry the darkness of the whole multiverse into them, they attached to you, so you can heal them, clear them, heal their lineage.
They did the bad things, they want you to heal them and their ancestors. Don’t do it.
You cannot heal them anyway, they have to heal themselves, they are here to live their own purpose. You are no one’s slave.
If they are drawing energy out of you, through telepathy or sexual ways, then you will be depleted soon, they are stealing your spiritual currency.
Be discerning, you have great powers, you have great purpose, you have greatness in you, allow only kind, gentle, honourable, respectful, loving souls near you.
Remove all those who are stealing from you, stealing your light, your beauty, your health, your wellbeing, your peace, your power, your inner light, your purpose. REMOVE THEM!
You are the star one, the starseed, the power generator, with super powers, think all the avengers united in one, that’s YOU!
You are a super power generator, you have so much power, that when you focus it, you will see manifestation straight away! You are no simple being, watch for addictions, co-dependency tendencies. Allow yourself to heal, those who have negative energies may want to steal from you, watch them closely, or remove them, for your own peace of mind.
Much love starry one!

Kiran G, Lightwarrior, Light One!

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