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Star One, You Are This Great, Great, Great Super Power!

Listen, you are an out-of-this-world being. You are not crazy, you aren’t imagining this and your super powers, when you focus on something it manifests, when you want it to stop, it stops, when you want it to go away, it does, when you want it to come back, it does.
You are the super power, you are the magnet, your mind pulls or repels your wishes and desires.
You are a great power generator, make sure you are aware who is around you, make sure you remove those who are not worthy to be around you.

If someone is around you, make sure they give back, the contribute into your cups. Follow your gut instincs, people will come into your life to defeat you, that’s because you make them feel bad about themselves.
They will show you down, they will compete with you, they will tell you how bad you are, they will never pay compliments to you when you look good, that’s because they are intimidated by you and your powers.
They come to take your powers, but at the same time to defeat you, as you make them feel bad about themselves and their own lives.
Make sure you take them on, if they are betraying you, be discerning, have very strong boudaries, listen to your gut instinct, you’ll know who you can trust and who you can’t.
Make sure those who come to your table, contribute equally to your energy bank. Make sure they love, honour and respect you, this is not negotiable, not to compromise on, you are the starry one, and your powers are unmatched. Do not doubt your powers, the great ones who are to change this world. Dark forces are trying to defeat you and your personal sunshine, but you are too powerful, they can’t.

Starry One! Kiran G
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