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You Are A Special, Special Starbeing, Indigo, SunBeing From The Stars!

Listen, not many people on this earth can match your energy, frequency and vibration. You are being taught lessons in self-worthiness, self love, self empowerment and discernment. People will come into your life to want you to heal them, sort them out, share your vibe with them, freely, without giving you anything!
They see your light, they want it. You will meet a lot of potential partners, lovers who would want your energy. They want you as a slave, as a slave healer, may be sexual slave, so they can extract valuable, super powers from you.
This is torture. How many people who want your energy, your vibe, your sexual life force, would you allow in without discernment.
Star Ones! are being possessed by frequency enslavers, those who want to extract your precious, precious life force, prana, spiritual currency, your energetic abundance.
Ask yourself, what kind of people are you attracting, or have been attracting? are these equal partnerships? those who give to you, or those who come to take and pass this transaction as love?
Do not be fooled, there are some evil forces out there, who are taking the star ones into enslavement, for our powers, energy, power generating ability. These are monsters, dark ones who are possessed totally by dark forces, who are intent in destroying powerful ones like you.
Close your energetic banks, do not allow access to your high vibing life force, until they prove themselves to you.

You are a super, duper powerful, starry one, no one like you, there are not many matches of you on this earth, a lot will come to show you their glittering golden masks, but underneath there is extreme darkness, they want your light. Beware.
You are not to open yourself to just anyone, you are to be discerning, those who come to you, would want your sexual life force, if you are the divine feminine and want healing from you. Allow time to help you discern, those who are genuine, loving, who really are meant to be in your life, will prove themselves to you, over time, space and timelines.
Those who are energetic matches, will love, honour and respect you, will keep on proving themselves to you, in love, honour and respect. They will care for you, love you, respect you, keep all your desires and wants in mind, they will pleasure way in a way you will feel free, they will free you further, allow you freedom, allow your soul to be free.
You have an energetic match, they are visible to you, they listen to your pain, they see you, they hear you, they want you in their life, they waited for you, they cared for you when you were down, they bought you your favourite flowers, chocolates, they want to please you at all times (that’s if you already have this person in your life). if you don’t yet, they will enter your life soon, wait, be discerning, be loving, love with freedom.
They will live for you. They will prove themselves to you, they will honour you to the depths of their soul, they will wait for you to be ready for their love, without pushing you to be hasty.
This is the kind of love you need. Not hasty, impatient and pushy love. Give it time to blossom.
You are the most worthy being. You have infinite love in your life, now and forever!

Kiran G, LightONE!
Clear, fix, remove the old apps. Make space. Love is here!
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