Starseeds are not great at being emotionally intelligent. “Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions. People who possess this trait also have the ability to understand and influence the emotions and behavior of others.” – healthline.

Starseeds are great at avoiding feelings and emotions altogether. Strong feelings and emotions make us really edgy. Starseeds are not great at expressing their own feelings and emotions to others.

This can make them seem like they are cold or do not care, or are mysterious, but actually, star ones do not feel comfortable with people who come on too strongly onto them. They also stay away from people who are very emotionally charged, unbalanced and unpredictable.

When Starseeds learn to accept their emotions, they can start to express their feelings more. Usually, star ones do not like to tell others how they are feeling, but they are glad to help others who aren’t feeling great. They are great listeners, healers, seers, but not great with their feelings.

It takes a long time for Star ones to accept their feelings and emotions, that it’s ok to have them, express them and be vulnerable. Indigos, starseeds are not great at telling people their story, whenever their turn comes to share their story, feelings and emotions, they will do everything to get out of it.
Once starseeds, light ones realise that emotions and feelings are actually their friend not their enemy, then balancing these strong feelings take time.

There is a lot of repressed emotions, feelings with star ones, when they crash, these come out as dis-eases in the pain body, emotional body and affects the physical body too.
The cause for this is emotions are very charged and Star ones do not like anything to do with strong, passionate, loving emotions. When not mastered, their emotions cripple them, as they don’t know what to do with them.

Star ones, attract people with distorted emotions or those who have very strong feelings for them, which they cannot deal with.
“The lesser feelings, the better” – that’s the motto of the starseed. They love the happy vibe, the high vibe and love to make jokes or hide their feelings under a facade, just so they never have to feel their feelings, deal with them or deal with those who have them.

When Indigos, starseeds meet someone with extremes of emotions and feelings, they cannot deal with that person, they will run from this person. They love balanced emotions and feelings, or no feelings at all.
Star Ones do not know what to do with feelings, usually they are all repressed and not allowed to be felt. They never allow themselves to feel those “alien” feelings and emotions, because earth deals with feelings and emotions as currency and they are not used to it.

The body comes with hormones, substances, complex chemicals, emotions and feelings, which confuse the “out of this world” star one. When they are forced to feel those feelings, there is a crash in energy, because they never learnt to be emotionally intelligent.

Once star ones learn to be ok with their emotions, their lives become so balanced, they understand their body and its functions, they enjoy a greater success in life. They can make better choices, understand others, share their own feelings/emotions, accept that it’s ok to feel them, that it’s ok to be vulnerable, to share them with others, to be seen and heard.

When starry ones realise this, they start to blossom and do well within their body, mind and spirit.
Give yourself permission to feel all those emotions. It’s time!

Kiran G, Star One!

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