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Cleaning Up House! CHOP, Hack, Cut, Clear, Cancel, Block OUT!

Listen, listen, listen, make sure you are surrounded by the highest vibrations. Who is around you? who is lurking around? do the people who are around you fill your cup or are they vampires, tricksters, playing you with mind games and guess games?

Are they worthy beings? are they worthy of you, your space, your energy, your attention? your love, your special attention? are they worthy?
Are they breadcrumbing you? making you wait, guess, crave for them and their shitty, low life existence? Honestly, don’t do that to yourself. Go within, heal yourself, you think you need this toxic sludge, you don’t. Honour yourself, respect yourself, value yourself. YOU are the highest prize king/queen, you are the highest prize. YOU ARE THE HIGHEST PRIZE! got it? remember that!

Do not play small, go within, spend lots and lots of time with yourself. Look at the ancestor’s relationship dynamics, I bet it matches yours.

Make sure you are ruthless in whom you choose to bring to your sacred table. CHOOSE! make sure you serve yourself the highest helping of self love, self worth, self respect, self honour. Nothing less will do. Clean house, chop, remove, censor, block, clean, clear NOWWW. They’ve gotta GOOOO!

I wish you well, king, queen!

Kiran G, Light One!
Clear, fix, remove the old apps. Make space. Love is here!
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