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Once You Know Yourself, You Will Accept No Substandard!

Only if you knew who you were! Only if you knew! If only! Listen, you are royalty! You are kings and queens of this earth, the real ones, not the fake ones. You were born in the royal blood, you are from royal bloodlines, you are sun people. People of the sun are from the royal bloodlines.
Listen, you don’t know who you are, you accept substandard, no standard, below standard, no standard, shitty standard, why oh why?
Listen, no more substandard for you. No more low lives, no more takers, abusers, vampires, old and worn out people, energies, poor in energy, frequency and vibrations.
Hold youself so high, that people know you are royalty and they cannot mess with you. Be ruthless in removing people, be ruthless.
Send them on their way, the low lives, takers, abusers, old and worn out vampires.
Say noooo, move away, remove them, you’re gonna have to use force to remove them, as they are freeloaders, live in your energy field for free, take and take, selfish, horrible nasties.
Beware of energetic vampires, who would do anything to suck all your energies out.
Be careful. Beware! When you know who you are, you will hold yourself so high, so high, that people will be intimididated by your power and light. That’s a good thing. Tell people what you want. Those people who surrounf you must know what you expect from them, these are respect, honour, love, to give equally, to contribute 100%, to be in their highest integrity, honour, self respect, self love, they work hard on themselves, on their energy, they have good hearts, they have confidence, the highest moral compass and integrity and good karma.
In love,

Kiran G, Light One!

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