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Creative Juice Will Be Back, When You …

Listen, if you have been feeling really stuck and stagnant, check in with yourself. What are you not dealing with? What are you ignoring? what are you blocking?
Your subconscious mind is stuck on some really strong emotions, if you feel all you do is give and others do not give back to you, then, you have deep resentment inside of you, that others never give back to you.

Check in with your subconscious mind, what feeling/emotions are trying to block? what are you trying to prove? are you trying to prove to others that you are good? and that you have been good all along and that they did not see it in you.

It’s a bit like revenge. You have done all of this for revenge because you wanted to prove to those who crticised you, that you were always very good. But, you have a different purpose on this earth. A lot of star ones were criticised for being teachers, healers, judges, wise ones and even seers or witches.
There were mass killings, stonings, witch hunts that still to this day haunt a lot of light ones. Forgive these people who crticised you, hunted you and abused you. This energy still lingers hard in your memories. In this lifetime, you want to prove your worth, but you worry that others don’t see that worth in you. This is because you haven’t forgiven those who have harmed and hurt you in the past.
Perhaps you have old pain that others never appreciated you and now you block your creative flow because you don’t want to help others, because you don’t feel they deserve it.
That, in the past they criticised you, now you have all your powers back, you have all the information, powers and knowledge, you feel fulfilled, but do not want to share your gifts to others because they do not deserve it.

Forgive those who criticised you in the past. Perhaps you feel that all your life you have been criticised harshly, by others who did not know you, or jealous of you, or projected on you. Remember, it had nothing to do with you, you believed their projections, their fear and you allowed these people to control your creative flow. If you’re blocked right now, you still believe that once you shine, you will be stoned again, burnt again, witch hunted again, publically and this blocks you moving forward.

Release it and allow your creative juices to flow. Forgive those who have criticised you in the past.
Allow yourself to feel those strong emotions, feelings, allow yourself to feel those feelings.
You are now free from those feelings, let go, allow yourself to go forth and create freely.

Kiran G

Kiran G, Light One!
Clear, fix, remove the old apps. Make space. Love is here!
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