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Protecting YOurself Psychically!

Star ones’ minds are super powerful. It is always being attacked, through a multitude of ways.
It is in the best interests of the dark forces for us not to ascend.
There are programs, blocks, plugs, holograms, waves, modified foods, medications, substances, sounds, technology, crystals, telepathic thoughts, consciousnesses, all kinds of programs to attack our pineal gland, third eye, mind and nervous system.

Do you actually know how to protect yourself from attacks? You are highly sensitive person, indigos, crystal beings, starseeds, empaths, light ones are all highly sensitive beings, we are highly prone to hearing, seeing, knowing, feeling, tasting other people’s energies, intentions, mind movies, projections, thoughts and feelings.
If you haven’t started to protect yourself from other people’s projections, it’s high time. Most of the time, you are feeling, seeing other people’s thoughts, intentions. You are being projected upon, people make movies in their minds and they throw it onto you, you believe it to be yours and you are trapped in their stories.
Beware. Protect yourself, star one! Do not allow others to project onto you, you may end up carrying other people’s burdens for a very long time, until you realise it’s not yours.
You’re a telepathic being, take good care of your third eye and mind. Nasties are out there to control you, keep you imprisoned to them, so they can freely help themselves to your own light, energy and power. You are so powerful, that dark ones want to own you, they violate you through your mind, your thoughts, they throw energy at you, they throw anger, hatred, bitterness and all kinds of horror at you, that’s why if you’re stuck in an evil person’s bind, you can’t get out.
You must protect yourself and to do so, first you must be aware of who you are! Then, take precautions.

Kiran G, Light One!
Clear, fix, remove the old apps. Make space. Love is here!
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