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Star Ones, Do Not Accept Crumbs!

Crumbs! that’s what a lot of star ones have been accepting all througout our lives. No more! I want you to hold yourself high, so high, that you put passwords in your doors, that only worthy ones can come and have the right password to your door.

YOU are precious, why give yourself or access to you so easily? why give others the upperhand? they can come and go as they please? you just accept their mistreatment, making you an option, breadcrumbing you, making you feel like you’re nothing. This is so they can take ALL your powers away.

Remove those who do not respect you, do not hold you high, do not give back to you, just remember you when they are in pain and in need, they need your light, your help, your magic when they have run out of options and they know you will do whatever you can to rescue them. NO, NO< NOOOO star ones.
You are very precious. Ask yourself why you do that? why do you wait for others to approve of you, validate you, why are you waiting for other people to love you? heal the inner child in you, who is so hurt. You are waiting for your parents to come and love you as they weren’t there for you. Now, you are waiting for crumbs, anyone who gives you the attention, you cling on, because you want their love, you actually want your parents love.
Heal your inner child and start with yourself. SELF LOVE!
There is a lot of inner work to do, put yourself first, no one can love and rescue you, only yourself. Put the work in and see your life change. Inner child healing. That’s where to start.

Kiran G, Light One!
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