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This Is What’s Holding You Back!

You know, something big is holding you back! You want to move forward, but it’s not happening.
A deep, big fear, an unknown force, that is really bringing a lot of upheavals.
You wait, you wait and you wait.
What are you waiting for? you don’t even know, all you know there is something not quite right and you want to move on, but you can’t. You are in a void, there is something that isn’t quite right.

YOU have massive purpose. Your purpose on this earht is to change the mass consciousness. You are to make big waves, many people will come to you and listen to you and are already listening to you, reading your blogs, reading your books, buying your art, having a piece of your creation, that hold a lot of lightcodes, upgrading all the time, to the divine’s frequency.

YOU hold a lot of light, a limitless vessel, expanding all the time as you’re limitless and many dark forces came to destroy you, but they could not.
You are being held back by a lot of energies and if you have done the work, the last piece of the puzzle is the fear of persecution. You’re being healed deeply, give yourself time. If you’re just starting the work, then you will find a lot of books, blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, courses, art here. For light ones, who have a great mission on earth. I am here to guide you to your next step, next level, next highest vibration.
Beware of dark ones, they are everywhere and want your light, your power, your knowledge, will dump their evil on you, so you never rise, they will take your goodness and dump their landfill on you. Beware.
Protect, shield, heal, ground and use discernment.
The fear of persecution is the fear of being seen, fear of harsh judgment from the masses, fear of being publicly lynched, criticised and cursed publicly. A lot of light ones have been through public burning, witch hunt, public shaming, humiliation all for doing the light work.

Heal this inside of you. Realising it, is the first step towards healing.
Much love,

Kiran G, Starseed!
Shifting perception of loss, seeing everything as you having gained massively.
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