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Heal The Roots of The Ancestors!

If your ancestor’s along with your roots have been smothered, then it’s time you become aware of it, now.
There will be infected, poisonous, envious, jealous roots that will come to smother your own. These people want your power, your light, your fertility, your knowledge, your prana, your life force, your raison-d’etre, your magnetism, your magick and they come to kill your roots.

Of course I have been the target of such frequency, who came to steal everything I had and probably was able to steal everything from me for a while, but now it’s time to return all of it, with interest of course.

This is how justice works, there has to be restoration of the old, punitive damages and all kinds of damages that are given by the courts, this is so the person is taken back to their previous place/position, but also to award the one who suffered the detriment, compensation that is worthy of the loss. Every single compensation will be awarded now. You are collecting your dues and it’s time to take it all back. It comes with heavy interests for those who have done you wrong. ALL WRONGS ARE RIGHTED < NOW!

So, listen, now is take back time. It’s justice time, those who stole from you, must return everything, plus some, then restore balance to everyone involved. Go to your roots, your root chakra, to your earth star chakra and anything below your root chakra and clear, heal, shield and protect.

I wish you well and freedom from the dark forces. I command your light back to you and justice be done, NOW!

Kiran G Books

Kiran G, Light One!
Shifting perception of loss, seeing everything as you having gained massively.
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