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Dark Forces Have Kept The Divine Feminine Down For Lifetimes!

Divine feminine have met evil forces, to keep her down! Her beauty, magnetism, life, health, wealth were all taken away, by an evil masculine at some point.

If you’re divine feminine, this person was sent for you to defeat you, so your powers is taken away forever. This person still stalks your energy, at night, lurks around, reading what you write, your social media, your photos and they do a lot of stuff with your photos, memories and energy, so you remain defeated. You know this and you know what to do!

You know this, instinctively, even though you have removed this beast from your life, they want to know what you are doing, how you are moving on, but the main aim is to take your powers, your magic, your divine essence as they don’t have it. The way they do this, is by stealing everything you have worked for.
If you’re a giving person, they have hit jackpot, they take and take and take. Beware. Do not give your energy openly, easily or freely. There has to be a divine exchange for your energy and your divinity. This thief, or thieves, they are here to take and steal. They stalk, lurk and watch you closely, because it’s in their interest to know what you are doing, so they can remain 10 steps ahead. BUT, you cannot be read by them anymore, YOU are infinite steps ahead of them, you have all the wisdom and information about them, they have nothing about you, your plans, your strategies and divine guidance. They don’t know what to do anymore, they’ve lost and you have taken your powers back.

These are very dangerous people, who have sold their souls to the dark side, they were once in light, but for power, greed, control, they solf their soul, they go around destroying divine feminines.
You will see how they move around from person to person, they steal light, power of the divine feminine. Be very careful with these monsters.
Protect yourself, your light, power and essence. They usually work at night, but you know it, your soul knows everything and you know how to defeat these entities. Listen, do not fear this evil soul, it has nothing over you, it has been defeated or about to be defeated. Divine feminine, go forth and prosper, beware who you bring into your life, your circle and follow that gut instinct of yours. Forgive them, forgive yourself.
It’s DONE!

Your time is here. Kiran G