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The Void is Where You Manifest Your Masterpiece!

You are manifesting fast. Make sure you are in control of what you want in your life. If you are not very precise, then you will find you are manifesting what you aren’t very happy with.

Be precise, be like a laser beam, imagine all the details, write it down, imagine it, visualise it and see it manifest NOW!

What is it that you have been trying to manifest? Everything is within your grasp now, if things haven’t manifested yet, that’s because you weren’t fully ready and that you had to make adjustments and changes.

Now, you are ready for the big waters, the planets and frequencies have aligned, you have all the magick and mysteries inside of you and you’re rearing to go.

It’s a bit like when you’re in a very fast car, in a race, on the start line, you are pushing the accelerator, but you’re pushing the brake pedal and you are waiting for the GO signal.

It’s coming and this will be a high and fast ride, a fast one, where you are the fastest, best, greatest, with the most expensive race car, with all power boosters on, all the gadgets are installed, this car can fly, has all the bells and whistles and can do anything you want it to do.
Listen, you’re ready for this. Just a few more seconds of wait now. 3, 2, 1 … GOOOOO and you’re OFF!
Enjoy the ride!

Kiran G, Light One!
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