Listen, all the people you met, although scary and horrible some of them, you met them because you had karma to clear.
Remember the worst individual who took all your light, magic and powers away?
You came back in this lifetime, to take your powers back! You had to meet them, face them and take all your powers back. They did some really bad stuff to you, they took everything away from you, you were left with nothing. They stole everything for so long, for many lifetimes, then this one, you came back to face them and to take all your powers back!

They were attracted to you, because they had to give your powers back to you. It has been a long, dark fight, where you were defeated a lot, but then, you rose and faced them. In this fight, you are the winner. They LOST!

I congratulate you on your victory, this is yours and yours alone. If you lost faith in humans and humanity, then, you are meeting good souls who come to restore that faith in you.
Your powers are back. You took all your powers back, they don’t have anything of yours anymore.
Those who stole from you are having to return everything right now. Those who have not followed the divine law, are now having to go through divine trials, there are court cases in the ethers, where all is being heard, your time is here, justice is being done, with compensations, punitive damages and everything that you lost, to restore you back to your initial self, but with all the interests and damages awarded to you.

Enjoy your divine victory, it is a worthy win, you have fought for so many lifetimes and you have DONE IT!
They have lost against you and your ancestors are so proud of you right now, you brought them into the light, they are singing, jumping with joy, smiling, cheering and laughing at your massive victory. This is a first in your ancestors history and they thank you. I am here to cheer you on, well done YOU! you are amazing and your powers are all back.
Cheers, defeat to the dark ones!

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