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Allowing Others To Push You Down, And Then Hurting About It!

If you have been putting up with other people’s harsh judgements of you, then you are all nice to them, you explain things to them nicely, but they are really horrible with you, it’s time to get your sword out and chop that dragon’s head off. Especially, if they are constantly trying to put you down, as this is NOT acceptable.
If someone tries to put you down at every single opportunity, they are obviously very intimidated by you and your power. For them to feel good about themselves, they need that high of pushing you down, so you are feel below them.

Listen, don’t put up with that shit. Get that stupid out of your life! Self love is about standing up for yourself, when you are being attacked, when you are being judged harshly, judged for no reason at all or shamed and humiliated for no reason at all.
Jealous, envious people will do everything to show that they are above you, shame is a way to do that, shaming you for your beliefs, for what you say, putting you under pressure when there is no reason to be, making you feel bad when there is no reason to.
You need to stand up for yourself! Slay that dragon once and for all. It’s your time to rise and shine, those who are meant to be on the sideline, will watch you with drool in their mouth.

Go for it!

Kiran G, Lightwarrior
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