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Starseeds, Keep Your Standards High And Keep Your Circle Small.

Star Ones, do not open yourself up to just anyone. We are so trusting that we think everyone is like us, pure, innocent and kind.
Lots of people are wearing a false mask, they come with unclean hands. They come to defeat you, to steal from you, your powers, your magic, your light, your life force.
dark ones cannot make their own light, they are not connected to the divine light force, the only way they can get it is when they steal it from others.
That is why you’ll see dark ones go around abusing light ones. They need your good karma, your energy, your force, your magic.

We are magical beings, star ones are magical beings, we are empaths, we do not know how to discern, we trust blindly thinking that everyone who comes to us, or who perhaps is hanging out in the “healing” forums, circles, say the right things are actually like us. But, beware, some aren’t!
Divine feminine, be careful! there are some really nasty monsters out there, who are keen to steal everything you have. They will strip you of your light, innocence, your life, your magic and inject you with infections (energetically), this will torture you, they also transfer a lot of dark forces inside of you, psychically, energetically.
I have met this kind of person, one so angry and horrific, who had no good intentions and all I thought was he was just like me, but in actual fact, he stole everything I had, energetically ( as you know everything is energy!)
He is an evil person, nothing works in his life, so he constantly needs to steal from those who are innocent and does not have their guards on. He speaks the language of “love and light”, but he goes around destroying divine feminines. He steals everything from divine feminines.
I know a lot of divine feminines are going through this, they are calling this connection narcissism, but it’s more than that.

This does not have to be romantic, in fact it’s not romantic, its main purpose is to abuse the feminine to death. The ripping of the energy from the divine feminine becomes unbearable and the feminine becomes so tired and burnt out, they give up.
There are many dark males on this earth, currently. There is nothing good about them, listen, be discerning. Beware, have boundaries. These are dirty, ugly, infected males, who are tortured mentally, emotionally, psychically, physically and all they want to do, is pass on that torture to the beautiful, loving, divine feminine.
DO NOT allow this monster to defeat you, divine feminines have been paired with these entities to be defeated.
We do not give in, we do not give up, rise divine feminine, RISE!
You will find all the answers and there are lightcodes in these images and writings for you to come out of your darkness. You will rise again, harder than before!

The Light One! Kiran G
Shifting perception of loss, seeing everything as you having gained massively.
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