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Bring Only Worthy Ones To Your Sacred Table!

Bring only those who serve love, sacrednes, life force, high energy, frequency to your sacred table.
Vet and screen everyone who comes near you, do not rush, use your gut feeling, your inner knowing, your divine knowing, your instincts to know who is around you and trust me you know!
You know who is around you, you see, you feel, you know everything, do not doubt your inner knowing. If your gut tells you to walk away from something, listen and do it.
High frequency is light, is elevating, does not put you down, does not make you feel bad, does not vanish on you, does not play games, does not break you, but builds you up, invests in you, if you are broken, they work to heal you, they heal you, they are there when you need them.
They are always there, you can reach them anytime.
Users and abusers are not there when you need them, they just come to take and use and abuse. They take by force and they vanish. They do not give, they do not build, they destroy!

If you don’t feel well around someone, that’s your clue, if they betray you, that’s your clue, you are NOT in good company. Empaths are too trusting, are too innocent and allows narcissists in without boundaries and discernment. Listen, protect your spiritual energy, your spiritual wealth, do not just GIVE to others, they have to give to you as well. It’s equal give and receive. They have a sweet energy, they are willing to do all the work to be with you, they will do anything to be with you and that’s who you need to bring to your sacred table.
In power and in light. Love and power to you.