When you meet the true one, he/she will be the sweet, gentle one.
Divine is loving and gentle. Do not be told otherwise. If you are in a divine relationship, then you know, it is beautiful, gentle, loving, it serves you, for your highest good.
Divine masculine/feminine has earthly issues but is NOT toxic. Will never put you down, will not hurt you intentionally. Divine is innocent, it makes mistakes, it does not have all the answers as he/she is finding their way on this earth too. BUT they know you are the one, they will always treat you with love, honour and respect.
There are separation times, but these will be peaceful, yes it will pain, because your soul won’t like the separation and you would want to come together again, it will all happen in peace and love.
Many fake twin flames out there, what I mean by that, they are sent by dark forces to destroy the divine masculine/feminine so, they do not find and unite with the real divine masculine/feminine.
In a divine loveship, anyone could be carrying the masculine, feminine energy. The male could be carrying the feminine energy and vice-versa, it does not have to a male or female relationship, the energy is not gender specific.

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