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Do Not Allow Anyone To Disrespect YOU!

You are the deal. Make sure people know that. Speak your truth with confidence, do not allow anyone to abuse you, do not allow anyone to disrespect you.

If someone does not honour you, tell them, be respectful to yourself and tell them.
Make sure anyone who is around you knows how to behave around you.

If they don’t, you know how to defend yourself and teach them a lesson. You are the master magician.
Indigos, starseeds, earth stars, earth angels you are super powerful. YOu have super powers, do not tell people about your super powers, keep secrets, do not share your knowledge freely, only a few need to know.

Your powers are immense, you are different from others, you are not like others. You have super powers, you are here for a great mission on this earth. You are here to make big changes, to change the energy, frequency and vibration of this planet. You are here as a lightwarrior. A lot of your feelings are not your own, beware others are projecting on you and you think it’s your feelings and you carry it all your life thinking you are messed up, but actually, you are just feeling, absorbing other peoples’ shite and being projected upon.
Beware of fake divine masculine, feminine, who come to disarm you and steal everything you have. You know who they are.
Much love,

Kiran G, Lightwarrior
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