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If They Haven’t Proven Themselves To You, Do NOT Let Them In!

Take your time, DO NOT allow anyone in your life just casually. Learn your lesson, listen to your soul. If in the past you have allowed yourself to be used and abused. You have trusted too easily, do this one thing.
Let them prove themselves to YOU! Wait, do not rush in making decisions.
If someone really deserves you, they see your worth, they see your uniqueness, they see your value, they see you are one and only on this earth.

You are valuable, do not allow anyone to make you feel otherwise. If someone wants to come into your life, ask them this question: what do you bring into my life? what is your worth?
This worthiness is not to be weighed with gold and glitter, not with items and shiny things they may have. Because they may have all the glitter and gold but are rotten inside.

Check their worthiness by their values, their energy, frequency, vibration, their wisdom, secret knowledge, their light, their life force, their love, their affection, the time they have for you, their devotion for you, their respect for you, how far are they willing to go to have you, keep you and be with you.
Those are the most important values in life. Wait for someone to prove themselves to you and then you will know if they are the one honourable ONE!