No one has time for bread crumbs, for bit and pieces, for being an option. YOU ARE ITTT BABAYYY!

That’s right! Listen, do not hang around those who do not know who you are, what value you have, are not sure about what they want, not sure about how to deal with you, do not wait around for anyone, you are too good, too precious, too fantastic.
Walk awaayy! walk away from being an option, from games, from mind games, from the poisoned chalice, from those who do not know themselves, from those who want to keep you on the sideline.

You’ve got to be kidding me! you are IT! you are the deal, you are royalty in life, you are goddess, god, queen, king, empress, emperor, you are MAGIC!

If you still don’t know your worth, your value, your self esteem is still low. YOU have to know who you are, you are to be worshipped. They need to prove to you they are worthy, they need to show you that they are the right one. They need to honour, respect and love you in the way that you want to be loved.
YOU are the one! I want you to know that I value you, your beauty, your worth, your light, your empathy, your entire being.
Common, you deserve only the best of the best. The ONE AND ONLY! the one who has respected you, loved you quietly, honoured you, seen you during your worst times, been around you when you were down, helped you up when you fell, pulled you up when you were down, served you with love, saw you as beautiful on your worst days.
This is true love. True love, true, worthy, honourable love. YOU deserve only the best.

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