Protect your energy, protect your life force, protect your aura.
Evil men, women walk around you, they see your abundance and they want to steal it from you. I know you may think that I am being harsh, if you are an indigo, crystal, empath, starseed, earth angel, then you have definitely met these people who steal souls.

There are dark forces on this earth, who are masquerading as light. They pass themselves as Reiki masters, healers, light people, they talk the talk, they say all the right things, they heal people, but in actual fact, the people they heal fall sick.
They steal the energy of people they heal. I know someone who was always healing people with Reiki, but in actual fact, he was stealing energy, life force from people.
This person is so dark that he steals people’s souls. As soon as you meet this person, bad luck comes to you, he then steals everything you have. I have also met another individual equally as dangerous, they both pass as divine masculine, feminine, they are into esoteric stuff, but they work for the dark.
Be so careful who you trust. If you are open to giving to people, they will come to take and if you stop giving, they will abuse you psychically, spiritually, psychologically so they steal everything from you.
They attack psychically, they attack telepathically and they also steal energies from your aura and chakras. They know how to do magick, usually dark magic to get what they want from you.
Beware! Not many people will tell you this, there are a lot of dark forces on this earth, they are currently working for the dark ones, they have sold their souls and have no light in them. To get light, they need to take by force, steal and abuse. Narcissists are all dark ones, who masquerade as lovers, partners, they are actually vampires, abusers and violators.
Many empaths are meeting narcissists right now, a lot of them in abusive relationships with fake twin flames who are evil narcissists and evil monsters.

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