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StarOne, You Have SuperPowers And YOu Have Snakes Around You!

If you are shining bright, there are some who want what you have and they will do anything to have your powers. There are snakes around you, they are jealous, envious of what you have, they will go to great lengths to have what you have.
They steal from you, your ideas, they use what you have taught them to show that they are the bringer of this idea, they want to show that they have wisdom and they are healers of this world.

They will go to great lengths to take credit for what you have worked for, they will steal your light, your wealth, they may have done so in many lifetimes and got away with it, because you did not stand up for yourself and they are used to abusing you.

They are now used to showing you down, gossip, throwing bitterness, stealing what you love, hisssssing away all day long, throwing venom at your work, to make you look bad.
This snake needs to be slayed. They are not powerful, your powers are unmatched and they know that, but they show off, as if they are more powerful than you.

Slay that snake once and for all. See it writhe in pain and die. You deserve to be in your glory, no one has the right to steal from you, stand up once and for all, to this evil, manipulating, thief, promiscuous low life, who will do anything to hurt you as they want what you have.
It’s your time to shine and be done with these demons. Your powers are unmatched, use your secrets to do this. You know what to do.

Kiran G, Light One!
Shifting perception of loss, seeing everything as you having gained massively.
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