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Taking Back What Was Stolen From You! Multifold!

It’s that time, that time when you go to every single one of them who stole from you and look them in the eye, this is when you take back everything, multifold.
Justice is happening right now, I want you to know that whatever was taken from you, shall be returned, NOW!
They must return all your stolen wealth, your light, your happiness, your love, your abundance, until now they had been showing off with wealth that was not theirs.
They have been glittering with your gold. NOW, you take it all back.
You may have noticed that some people came into your life and all they did was put you down, stole from you, was jealous of you, was envious of your crown and fought you for your place and crown.
They took your good karma and transferred their venom onto you. Beware of these snakes, if you still think that everyone in this world is good, this place is not for you, you are still not seeing your truth.
If you still believe that there is no right, no wrong, that everything that is happening is for the greatest good of all, then, you are not seeing.
There is a great spiritual war going on, the dark forces have its army everywhere, where you not even doubt it, these armes go to the highest dimensions, they are black mages who have trained and sold their souls to the dark side and now are working to defeat all things light and divine.
If you are awaken to what is happening and you are on your guard, then, you are in the right place. Beware, a lot of snakes in the grass, they want to bite you, they pass as “healers, gurus, saviours, helpers, teachers of all kinds”, but they are wearing the light mask. You will instinctively know who they are, most people will think they are amazing and they are soo beautiful, but, you will know the truth. You will remove their mask and they will not like that<
Slay that demon, use your powers. You know what to do. I can’t say things in the open here, as my teachings have been used in the past by dark ones, to hurt myself and others. There are lightcodes for those who need it. You will download them, just intend it and it will happen.
Much love, to your power, it comes back now! Multifold.

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