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Just When You Thought It Wasn’t Possible, They Arrived!

They came, to help you! Just when you thought it wasn’t possible, they came! The ANCESTARS!
They came and changed everything! They brought everything you had ever lost, they brought abundance, love, magic, belief, you took back your powers, they protected you, they brought a fierce power, you felt their presence strongly, they made their presence known, they made you notice, they got your attention through using their power and force to protect you.
It was the trick the universe had up its sleeves, all along. The star one, the ancestors all worked together to bring this force into your life.
This force, a gift from the gods, goddesses, this is the love of a lifetime, this is the angels protection, this is spirit’s protection, this ancestor’s protecting you, this is the ancestars standing behind your back, they bring bounties to you. Pay attention. Be ready to receive.
It is time! I am grateful to the ancestars.