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Lightwarriors, Star Ones, Earth Angels Learning To Love!

Lightwarriors have been fighting for a long time. It has been about the greater good of all for these fighters. Lightwarriors have been fighting in many worlds, universes, multiverses, to free this multiverse from dark possession. We have been fighting for what seems like forever.
It’s now time for respite and for lightwarriors to put themselves first, to allow love to come in and to enjoy that love. Lightwarriors have been fighting for so long, they haven’t had a chance to out their own needs first. NOW is the time, time has come for the divine to reward the lightwarrior for all the fights, for the loyalty, for all the fights that have been won, it’s now time to allow love in.

The divine is sending all those who have been very loyal to the divine forever. Never asking “what about me?”, never complaining for fighting for the greatest good of humanity and other worlds.
There are many worlds that have been compromised by dark forces, lightwarriors have been sent to many of these worlds to fight the dark forces.
These forces are ruthless, they do not care for the wellbeing of the planet they live on, or the wellbeing of anyone living on it, they only care of their own greed, pillaging the world, for their own profit. Listen, do not think that everyone is good and means well. Be careful, I used to think that, I was brought up to believe in that rubbish. There are very dark, hidden forces around, who are manipulating, programming, attacking humans and this planet in unthinkable ways. I want you to take care of yourself, protect yourself, be careful who surrounds you, keep your circle really small, speak up, be assertive, attack those who are nasty to you, they are the dark ones, even if they play the “I am spiritual, I am divine, I am working for the greatest good” game, you will feel it. You will know it, they are always trying to attack you, steal your identity, copy you, mimic you, steal your ideas, your light, your credit and spewing hate to those around you!
YOU SEE THEM! now it’s time to defeat them!
ON another note, they are also trying to steal love from you, they stole love from you, your happiness, your goodness, but this is now coming back and you will soon see the love that you are owed.
Divine is sending love your way, open your heart to receive, you do not know how to love, but you will be shown the way, it’s time to learn to love and relax as you have defeated the dark ones. Justice is being done and you will see results soon.

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