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Loved Ones, Learning To Love!

Life hasn’t been easy! in fact anything but easy!!!
You have had all the challenges, all the pain and suffering, all the losses. You were the orphaned child of the multiverse, you never felt loved, you never felt you belonged, you never felt you had an identity, a community and a purpose.
You learnt to parent yourself, you learnt to be your own best friend, you learnt to look after that loving child inside, who always felt orphaned.
The reason you felt orphaned is because you were disconnected to your roots, your divine nature, to the divine spirit, the mother, father God/Goddess.
You learnt everything, you healed yourself, you were the chosen one, the one who healed himself/herself and her ancestors, ancestars, lineage and everything else.
The ancestors/ancestars bow to you in gratitude for all the work of magic you have done. They bring you gifts of abundance, you had sacrificed your own self for the greater good of all, now, it’s time for your own bounty of happiness, love and all the collective wealth that you can ever imagine.
Be your own love, your own mother, your own father, sister, brother, authority figure, your own child, your own god/goddess, your own carer, your own everything.
You have found your identity, community and purpose. Love is here for you, open your heart, your energy centre and you deserve everything that comes to you! NOWWW!

Love is here!

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