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StarOnes, Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, Earth Angels – Plagued By Dark Ones!

It’s not a coincidence, it was planned that way! Star Ones are super powerful, filled with magic and they know it.
It was designed that way, it was meant go that way. They know that a lot of star ones, light ones, crystal ones are here and it was planned to pair each light one with enough darkness to destroy us.
But, we are indestructible and can rise even higher than before. The light ones are adaptable, we are a new breed, one that cannot be defeated. We have upgraded to new levels and powers.
Divine has changed its ways now, before it was “give the other cheek”, now it’s “we’ll fight you and defeat you!”
Lightwarriors are here, on this earth, this earth has been taken over by dark forces and lightwarriors came here to fight. We’re always fighting, in sleep, when awake, in parallel timelines, in different worlds, we are fighting.
We’re invincible and invisible to the dark forces. We’re pure consciousness, we are magic, we are high frequency, we can shapeshift, astral travel and everything you can and cannot imagine.
Dark forces kept us down for too long, before there was “we have to love everyone” attitude. This led to most light ones being defeated and some obliterated. Now, it’s not like that anymore, divine is always upgrading us and we have come to bring victory, not to only this world, but many other worlds and planets as well. They are using dark magic to keep you down, watch who surrounds you, words are spells, what are they saying to you, are they putting you down, are they criticising you, are they sending you bad vibes all day long, break it NOW!!!!
Clear yourself, your space, remove these snakes from your life, they have bad eyes for you, they send you bad luck, they wish you failure, they are jealous of your light and success, because they do not have it.
You are free NOOOOWW!

Akashic Records, What is it and how do we clear it? Kiran G. Freedom From Pain.

How to o clear the akashic record…
  1. Akashic Records, What is it and how do we clear it?
  2. Becoming Trauma Informed
  3. Why do we need to clear karma?
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