Work on your root chakra. The root chakra is the temple where you feel safe, secure and rooted onto this earth.
If you feel spaced out, lost, fearful, in danger. Then, work on your root chakra. Your root chakra also signifies your whole ancestry, your earth and star ancestars (for starseeds).
A good clearing is needed. Who or what has taken over your roots? Did you at some point give someone all the permission to take over your roots? Perhaps in distant lifetime or even in this one, you accepted someone really destructive into your life. You didn’t know what you were allowing in and they took over your roots.
Clear yourself, release these energies, these destructive forces, as a feminine (or you could be any gender of course, carrying the feminine energy), you have allowed something/someone in your energy that was not good for you.
Think narcissist, they could be male or female, they were very destructive to your soul and you lost all your powers. Time to clear that energy fully, from your roots. This may have happened to many of your ancestors, remember the times when you were a goddess, high priestess, high magician, empress, a lot of dark forces came to destroy the feminine frequency, this is still following you to this day, the goddess energy wants to rise, but there are remnants of this destruction still playing out in your life. Time to forgive yourself for all your past mistakes, you do not deserve this punishment. Your ancestors are waiting for this change! Once you do this, your ancestors will also heal. You are the chosen one for this work.
In light, you light angel, earth angel, star one, Sun one, crystalline one. You are ready to shed this horrible past. NOW!

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