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Star One, It’s Your Time To Rise, Anchor Your Energy!

Your time is here, right now. Time to anchor your energy onto this earth. Your star energy wants to shine, go forth in your glory and beauty.
Whatever you lost, shall be returned to you, multifold. If you believed you deserved less, you are being shown the way to the best of the best. Accept what comes to you, if it’s good, accept it. If it’s not for your highest good and you kept it in your life, not knowing how to remove it, perhaps you thought you deserved less.
You deserve the best of the best. I want the best of the best for you! If you have made some promises with some old, fear-based souls, then it’s time you break those vows, promises, pledges.
Perhaps you did not think you deserved the best. Perhaps you felt you mustn’t be loved. Perhaps you allowed bad things into your life, to punish yoursef. Perhaps something in your past, a mistake you made in a distant past (past lifetime) brought you so much pain, that you punished yourself in many lifetimes.
It’s time to release that judgement of yourself, forgive yourself for the mistake you have made, or for doing something you had no control over. Perhaps you lost the love of many lifetimes, perhaps in that pain, you did something you regretted for a long time.
The scales of justice are balancing now. You are a divine child and allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself for the mistakes.
Once you forgive yourself for your biggest mistake you made in a time when you were in a bad place. Let’s clear the Karma now!
I wish you well, light one!