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Be Emotionally Available For Yourself First!

Allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable, for yourself, to yourself, first!
You owe that to yourself, you owe yourself this gift, of being emotionally available for yourself, to yourself.
Feel all those feelings that you haven’t allowed yourself to feel before.
Unveil that blocked dam of feelings that has been sitting there, being stagnant forever.
It’s ok to feel all your feelings, allow yourself to feel, fully. You will be freed. Emotions are valuable, in that it tells us what we need to be working on, follow that thread, follow the whispers of your soul, allow your emotions to wash you clean, to cascade upon you like a jet of lasered water, dancing to music.
Feel the feelings, fully. Listen to its stories. Let your heart open, break open and feel. You have waited all your life for this, you owe it to yourself to feel all the feelings.
Allow yourself to cry when you watch a movie, allow yourself to feel happy when you have achieved something great. Take it all in, allow all the excitement, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, pain, suffering, resentment, peace, joy, love to be felt.
You are ready to be emotionally available to yourself and now will attract healthy and balanced interactions. Forgive.

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