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Choose The Emotionally Available Lover!

If you have been burnt in your childhood, you have lots of inner child traumas, be careful about choosing emotionally unavailable partners, or beware that you are not emotionally unavailable yourself.
When you meet an emotionally available lover, S/he will give you all his time, all his energy, they will please you, they will be there all the time, they will not run away when you need them most, there will be no push and pull, there will be emotional fulfilment. There will be no running chasing, they will be available for you, they will be still, in their frequency, in the present, even if you run, they will be there for you, for you to come back home, gently, in your own time.
The emotionally available partner is there to catch you when you fall. If you have deep childhood wounds/traumas, they will be there with an inner understanding that you are healing. They will give you time to heal, they will allow you to go your own way to heal, to find yourself and then come back to yourself fully when it’s time. There will be no forcing, fighting, demanding or any form of abuse. This love is gentle and nurturing. You deserve this love and if you cannot choose right now, I want you to think about this love, this grounding, nurturing, almost-motherly love, soothing, beautiful, respecting love – this is the love that you need to choose. Not the one that is unpredictable, unavailable, poor in feelings, energy, frequency and high vibration. Choose well. Forgive.

Light One! Kiran G
Clear, fix, remove the old apps. Make space. Love is here!
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