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If You Have Manifested Something And Confused About It!

If something has showed up in your life, unexpectedly, you thought you had done the inner work, but it showed up and now you are all confused about the path which you need to take, you need to look at the lessons this manifestation brought to you.
You may have old vows, promises, contracts with each other, that needs clearing, healing, letting go of. If you have pained a lot in another lifetime, then, this needs to be healed as well, whoever the “karma” was with. So, if just when you thought you had firgured it all out, something hits you out of the blue, then, pay attention, you have outstanding “karma” to be fixed.
You can go anyway, you can choose whatever you want, it’s your choice. Nothing is in your way now. When you have karmic debt owed to you, those involved will come back to pay.
If something comes to you and was unexpected, you have manifested it, because there is justice at stake. You need to have justice done for you. Withdraw all the lessons, when you are going through past life lessons, it feels very real, as time is circular, everything is happening right now.
If you had lost someone in the past, they will come to make themselves known to you. If you gave up on something, they will come to make themselves known, so you can adjust your karma with them. So, everything will come to make themselves known to you as you are clearing the old. Also, if you have made old wishes, these will be manifesting now, you can cancel them as you go, if that’s not what you want. You can choose to not pursue it, you can choose to release it, you can choose to let it go, it’s up to you. You are the master of your life, choose wisely, you are a free agent now, you have FREE WILL. Forgive.

Kiran G, Light One!
Reaching the finish line, beingness, peace and love x ✌🏽❤️🦄
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