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Making Healthier Choices, Knowing What’s Good For You!

choose carefully, watch carefully, what do you really want in your life? Do you want low standard? substandard? no standard? So, if someone who has nothing to offer you, who is a totally bankrupt in themselves comes to you, would you choose them to be around you?
If it’s a karmic partnership/relationship and you are not sure what to do, take your time, weigh your options properly. Watch, observe, do not react, take your time, see what is happening around you, who this person is, what this person is doing, how this person reacts to others, how is their mood? how is their outlook on life, are they able to do anything? are they able to function in life? are they functional? will they be functional in your life?
Ask yourself what do they bring to the table? what do they contribute? do they contribute anything worthy, valuable, do they bring greatness, good vibes, high frequency? or do they bring just the lowest of the low and you are thinking to bring them into your life? Are they hiding who they are? are they doing the work? are they being honest? are they playing? are they just bored and willing to just feel good about themselves by having you in their life? are they genuine? are they loyal? are they just playing? listen, be careful, if you want to bring someone in your life, it’s a big deal, you have to vet, screen, observe, test drive, add to each other’s light and frequency, only the highest vibes will do. Forgive.

The Light One!

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