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Past Life Karma and Karmic Situations!

We’re clearing karma at an alarming rate. We’re clearing ourselves of lifetimes of karma. Beware people will come into your life and claim their freedom.
If there are major karma to be cleared, then, they will come to offer their lessons. If something has been lost, they will come to give you what they took, but you have to recognise the lesson, it may feel like victimhood, but you have to turn it around and make the lesson to your advantage.
So, for example, if you lost love in another lifetime, you felt unloved, betrayed and disrespected by someone. This same person will manifest in your life, with the same partner, so you can change the story, the narrative to your advantage.
The lesson may be to love yourself, to stand strong, to have strong boundaries, to value your worth, to stand up to them, to have self worth, to have strong values, to break old vows, promises, revenge thoughts, to heal the pain, to heal the inner child, heal abandonment issues, heal rejection, see the love that you deserve, insist that you have the best, to heal your cycles and circles of pain and suffering, to get out of victimhood, to have high standards, to let go of that pain, to clear old karma with that person and so much more … Karmic relationships come to help us grow, but that’s of course up to us to see the lessons. Or if you rebel against Saturn and karma, you don’t want to deal with karma, that’s possible too, but you will miss out on the good karma that these individuals bring. Forgive.

Kiran G, Light One!

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