We’re learning to love the right way. Love is not possessive, love is not “you belong to me, you’re mine, you must do as I say”. Love is freeing the other fully, to be, to have, to prosper in their own full expression.
Love is kind, love is light and breezy, love allows, love is being present fully, in our mind, body, spirit and full emotions.
Love is admiting to ourselves that we actually never learnt to love and we learnt to fear. To forgive ourselves for our past “mistakes”, where we did not put ourselves first and chose wrongly.
The world does not have love, the world has fear. This world’s currency is fear. We have to teach ourselves that love is a frequency that fully allows the other to be, to have, to express, to learn, to make mistakes, to live in a way that honours each other’s desires, wishes, values and philosophies.
Love is when we are willing to see the other’s perspective and bend to match that. If it’s not our value, then, seeing the other in a compassionate light and accept that it is ok to be different and allow that difference to add to our own bank of love.
Love does not hurt, it hurts inside because we are not aligned with each other. When love calls, when we see a potential partner/lover, it hurts because we want the image, the narrative we have in our mind, that it HAS TO BE MY WAY! But, when we are willing to be flexible and see the other’s perspective, we align.

I am not talking about abusive, toxic partners. That is NOT LOVE. It is fear. Please do not stay where you feel dishonoured, disrespected and unloved. It’s easier said than done, I know. It’s a process to learn to love the right way. We are all learning it. We learnt to love from books, movies, the world, our own parents, society, social media perhaps. But, love is gentle, love is accomodating, love is silent, love is being able to let go, when we know it’s not healthy. Love has to start with the self, there has to be self love, the inner knowing that we may not be the right partner for the other, or that we do not know how to love and then do the inner work to learn how to love.
Honesty is the first step. Admitting to the self that we actually do not know how to love. I am learning to love the right way myself. I am willing to make mistakes and not beat myself up for it. Love is quiet, gentle, loving, beautiful and freeing. That is the love we must cultivate for ourselves first, then, teach it to the other.
I wish you well on your journey of learning to love the right way. Forgive.
Much, much love.

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