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Got This Feeling In My Body! Yep, That Feeling!

The Breakthrough is here! Right, you have been down in the dumps for a looonnnggg time. So much weight on your shoulders, so much pain inside of you, so much fear you carried.
Listen, your breakthrough is here and here to stay! You have made some really great choices, believe in your choices, believe in your wisdom, believe in your power!
You know exactly what to do, you know exactly how to do it, don’t doubt yourself.

Yep, that’s the Justin Timberlake song, “Can’t stop that feeling”. I’m in the zone, in that energy, frequency and vibration. This winner feeling is yours, claim it, have it, you have worked hard for it. It’s YOURS baby!

How long have you struggled? you know your own pain was not even your own, you were carrying projections inside of you. YOU are the STAR! The SUN! you are filled with power and light. You came here to teach a new way, you have met with destructive opponents, but you knocked them out of the park! You STAR!
You’ve done it, it’s your time to prosper now!

Starry One! Kiran G

Akashic Records, What is it and how do we clear it? Kiran G. Freedom From Pain.

How to o clear the akashic record…
  1. Akashic Records, What is it and how do we clear it?
  2. Becoming Trauma Informed
  3. Why do we need to clear karma?
  4. Your Feminine Voice is needed, Now!
  5. Rise and Shine Like The Ball of sun in the sky!