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You Were Carrying The Burdens of Others!

The burdens, were not even your own. The pain, were what kept you down for so long. The fear, you believed were your own, were not.
They were all a culmination and sum of all. The ancestors fears, pain, others’ sorrow and you were clearing karma for the collective ancestors.

You have the wisdom for this transmutation and clearing and you chose to do this work. You came to be the transmuter, the clearer of old paradigms and now you are ready to teach your way.
The light way, the sun that you are. When you enter a room, the room shines with happiness, light and beauty. Everyone stops and notices.
Your light ways, is to change the world. You attract all high vibes now, people who come into your life are there to add to your light, to help you, to pick you up when you are down.
They showed up because you needed them and you need them, this is divinely orchestrated. Notice who they are and allow them in.
You will know who they are as they will align with you and your light. They will bring greatness, power and bring back what you lost.
They do not come to take, but to give. Those are the ones you keep, the rest you let go. Release the old burdens and know that your life now is filled with light and abundance. Move forth with power.
In power and light.
Kiran G

In light and power! Kiran G
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