Listen, you STAR! it’s your time! Have you been keeping yourself in the caves just so no one sees you?
Have your past given you a bad taste of life? have you given up on your starlight, sunshining life purpose?
Well, if things haven’t really quite worked out yet, it’s because you hadn’t done all the work needed. Also, other factors had to line up, people had to be ready, free will had to be exercised by parties.
Those who had to show up in your life had to be ready at a soul level. They have now showed up and all the puzzle pieces have come together.
You are ready for your next stage of your life. The SUN is finally out, you are the star of the show and many have eyes for you right now.
You are popular, gazes are firmly rooted on you, people want to be around you, they want a piece of you, they desire your company, your time, your attention.
Your attention means energy to them, when you give them time, it means they are special and deserving.
When you take your time away, they feel undeserving, invisible. Your time and attention are very precious, use it wisely. Those who you give time to, find your presence addictive, you have the highs they want, you have the way with words, with frequency, your mere attention and gaze give them the butterflies. Your attention and focus are very precious, you know how to make people work for your attention, your attention actually is a rewards to many. You are the prize, the highest prize and just being near you and around you, they feel worthy. You are the high priestess/priest, magician, emperor/empress, the king/queen of cups, who is overfilled with all the abundance of this multiverse. You have done the work and your rewards are here, the SUN is shining on you again! ENJOY!!!

Shine bright, you Star! Kiran G.

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