Love is the answer, sometimes things are so complicated, the world has a lot of rules and lines for us all to follow.
Do this, don’t do that, this is good, this is bad. This is normal, this isn’t. Love is infinite and wants to be freed. It doesn’t want to live within written parameters of right and wrong.
Love is a free spirit, love wants to be freed. Everything and everyone wants to be loved. That love of a lifetime comes once and it waits patiently.
When two people know they have to be together, nothing can stop them. Free will is important, both have to decide as this is a powerful force that wants to come together.
The force that keeps these two individuals wanting, waiting, wishing, doing all the inner work, so they can be together. This force is innate, it comes as if by nature, it’s a force of nature, both souls know what to do, to be together. They compromise (on the unimportant things), they break rules, they make new paths and pathways, they teach a new way, they show others how it’s done. There are no barriers when two people love each other, except the ones that the lovers self impose. When those self imposed rules do not matter anymore, they come together as a powerful force. As ONE! Your loved one is a mirror of you, they will show you what you need to heal, work on, release and let go of. They will push you hard to make the changes, they are “the carrot”, that is used by the divine to make you whole, you want to do all the work, because you want to fully unite with your beloved. Union is happening right now, a lot of loves are uniting, they have done all the ahrd work, some have a little bit more to do, but patience is key. You know that this will happen, it’s just now a matter of time as the other balances himself/herself. In the meantime, go about your life, practice self love, self care, self mastery. Do everything you need to do, to be your own love, lover, mother, father, child and everything else that you need. Love will find you and stay, forever. Love has been waiting and watching. It is ready for you, keep your heart open.

Divine Love is here!

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