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Open Yourself To Love! Open Your Heart.

Open your heart to that beautiful love, the love that wants to come in!
The cold winter is over now and the sun is out now. The coldest winter is over. The heart is ready to open fully and beautifully.
Allow yourself to be loved, allow love to come into your life. Love is here now, it’s here to stay.
If your heart was broken, destroyed before, now someone is ready to show you real love. Do not be scared, keep clearing yourself, keep doing the inner work, whatever you feel you need to clear in yourself, to have that love for yourself first, then true love will come in.
True love is here to heal you, healing intimacy, healing your sexuality, your beauty, to bring back your love, light, wholeness, beauty, femininity, masculinity and everything else you lost.
Whatever you lost, is coming back to you now. Life wants to give back to you, but not because you are just sitting idle and wanting life to give back to you, but because you did the magic and the hard work.
I wish you well on your journey of fully finding yourself. Your time is here. Much love and power to you!

Love is here! Kiran G
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