Love is the answer, self love it is! No matter what you do, you will come back to yourself. You are looking for yourself, you have been waiting for yourself, no matter what you do, you will always have to come back to yourself.

When you look within for the answers, you will come home. Everything that happens in your life, will bring you back to yourself. You are going to have to face yourself, completely!

It will be tough at first, because looking at the self, seeing the self, listening to the self, loving the self can be the toughest thing on this earth, but it has to be done.

Once we realise that everything that we do, go to, find out, will eventually bring us back to the self. Others will challenge us, because that will teach us to make ourselves a priority, release co-dependency, become fiercely independent, deal with all the sludge inside of us, heal the ouch, deal with the pain/suffering and eventually be free from all of it, until there is love. Love does not mean allowing others to take advantage of us, or give the other cheek, on the contrary, when we love ourselves, we will be able to stand up for ourselves and be balanced in our energies, so no one can actually trespass us, take advantage of us and abuse us, we will deal with them in the necessary way at once.
Self love is the answer, make sure you put yourself first and fill your cup fully, only then, you will have everything to give to others.
Much love to you on your journey of self love and self mastery. Forgive.

Light One! Kiran G

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