It’s time to allow love in, open your heart and trust that the divine will deliver to your needs.
If you have been scared of loving this far, now it’s time to trust. Allow yourself to love, allow love to enter your life in all its glory and beauty.
If you have been betrayed in the past, you need to release the pattern of betrayal, see it and release it, fully.
You will not be betrayed anymore, you have learnt all your lessons. If you felt others betrayed you, see how you could be betraying yourself, by perhaps not honouring your own truth, by not standing up for yourself, by allowing others to walk all over you, by not removing those who are hurting you, by not having boundaries, by not saying no, when you really want to, by only saying yes, when you really want to say no.
By perhaps playing small, by not allowing yourself to shine in your full glory, by being ashamed of who you really are, by not pursuing your life purpose, by holding yourself down, by playing small, by fitting in, by being scared of speaking your truth, by not standing up for what you really believe in, by not allowing love in, by self-sabotaging, what are you betraying yourself for? It’s time to do what you have always wanted to do and really allow all the love in, free all the betrayals and see love come into your life. Remember, self love is the first love. Love yourself, because no one else will, otherwise! Happy Love Day!
Kiran G

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