Your heart is fully open and wants to love. In the past things have been painful. You’ve met unworthy people, partners, who were not lovers, but destroyers, now love is here and it’s asking you to trust.
Open your heart fully and love. You have nothing to fear now. Now love is here to stay, to feed you, to fulfill your needs, to love you the way you want and need to be loved.
Love with freedom is here, you are going to be surprised by what it can do for you. You have attracted divine love, in all its glory and beauty.
There is no pain in this love, there is freedom, there is divinity, there is nothing to fear, live it, love and be free as it is here to free you, to the extent that you want to be freed.
Love with freedom and keep your heart open, love yourself and go and LOVE!
Your time is here and you are about to shine so strongly. You are so attractive right now.
Kiran G

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